Politics of Criminal Law

firegriles 04 Feb , 2016 0 Comments Law, Money, Politics

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is inherently one of the most dangerous things that human beings undertake every single day of the year.

Sure, the overwhelming majority of drivers out there are safe, responsible, and understand just how dangerous it is to slide behind the wheel even after a single drink, but every day there are reports of major accidents, deaths, and vehicular homicides all stemming from drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs.

What you might not know, however, is that information released between 2007 and 2015 by the US federal government shows that instances of drunk driving accidents and DUI related accidents are actually on the decline – information that politically active groups, special interests organizations, and especially nationally known MADD leadership members tend to minimize.


That’s because the reality of the DUI situation is much more politically motivated than most people ever would have thought, and a lot less about keeping people safe as opposed to keeping power in the hands of these special interests groups.

The information below attempts to shine a little bit of light on the situation so that you better understand these politically motivated crimes, these politically motivated laws, and how they are impacting the United States and the rest of the world.

What exactly is a political crime?

As mentioned above, the amount of drunk driving or alcohol related driving accidents has actually dropped more than 40% since 1982, and has dropped significantly between the years 2007 and 2015.

That’s not what major media groups and special interests groups emphasize though.

That’s because both of these parties (as well as the government itself) seem much more interested in pushing forward politically motivated laws to charge people with politically motivated crimes, all in an effort to further whatever agenda they are looking to pursue.

Political crimes are defined as “any behaviors perceived as a threat, both real and imagined, to the states survival”. The kinds of laws that usually create these kinds of political crimes are almost always established by those in power as a method to control the population they are governing, as well as too control those that they are looking to oppress.

Civil rights infringements, human rights infringements command basic freedoms infringements are usually the first to go when it comes to political crimes – though many of these laws are motivated by policing ethics and morality by wrapping it in legalese.

What do political crimes have to do with the overwhelming majority of DUI laws in America?

A closer inspection of the information published by the federal government pertaining to alcohol-related accidents would show you that the startling numbers are a lot more inflated than most people would have ever thought them to be.

You see, for the federal government to consider an accident to be alcohol-related, the driver of either of the vehicles (or any of the vehicles) may or may not have consumed alcohol, any passengers in the vehicles may or may not have consumed alcohol, and any pedestrians or bystanders that witnessed the event may or may not have consumed alcohol. In essence, if anyone involved in the accident, including witnesses to the accident, were under the influence of alcohol, the accident becomes alcohol-related. On top of that, the consumption of alcohol does not need to be proven – only implied – for this to go down as statistically an alcohol-related incident.

There is a huge bureaucracy that has been created around the DUI laws, including law enforcement jobs in and of themselves, the DUI classes mandated by law, and the impact the laws have on incarceration rates which benefit the prison industrial complex. MADD has become a major bureaucracy as well, providing thousands of jobs. According to many lawyers, local law Enforcement receives grants for the State and Federal government in the name of DUI prevention. Without these grants, many law enforcement agencies would cease to exist. Once one looks at the entire picture, specifically the economic motive of the DUI laws, it becomes clear that there is an element of concern of public safety, and a big part dealing with money.


What about the War on Drugs? Has this been politically motivated as well?

The War on Drugs suffers the same kind of indignity.

There is a mountain of information and evidence out there proving that the United States government (amongst others) have been using the War on Drugs to line their own pockets, either through fines and penalties for those that possess or sell these drugs, or the benefit that the private prisons have received from the War on Drugs. Of course, the private prison industry in the United States became big business in the 1980s, on the back of the war on drugs, and as always, the poor.

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